The most effective way to achieve a good result and acquire a stylish haircut is to visit a hair stylist. He will easily find for you the image, taking into account your wishes and physiology of the face.

The result of cutting is not observed sticking out in all directions extra strands, the curls are neat and often do not require stacking.
Sometimes on visits to the beauty salon is not enough time, money, and just desire. Cutting hair can be at home, alone, with some nuances.

Slightly dampen the hair, comb and divide them into zones, fixing a strand of hair clips. Take in your right hand scissors, holding them ring pads thumb and ring fingers. It's a staple holding the scissors.

Then remove the thumb from the ring and push him nameless. Press them a pair of scissors to hand. In the same hand, take the comb-tail thumb and forefinger and highlight her hair. Pick up a strand at the base of the thumb and forefinger of the left hand, and then comb it comb out perpendicular to the head 3-4 times.
Bring the fingers of the left hand to the desired level strands, and thus decide its length. Put the comb in the same hand to the base between thumb and forefinger. Lock the thumb ring of the scissors and cut the strand.
Next, remove your thumb from the ring, lock it nameless and follow the same path with the next strand of hair. So, one by one, strand by strand treat all the hair.

To cut hair you need with the tips of scissors. If you cut one of the strands, the number of clicks of the scissors should be on average 4-5 times.
Bangs growing in the same way as the rest mass of hair, but its growth is more noticeable. So between haircuts women regularly trimmed it.

In order to do it, do not wet your bangs. Wet, it will not allow you to see how the hair fall. During the haircut, do not delay your bangs with a comb or fingers. This will change the line bangs and will not allow to correctly assess what length must be cut.

Comb the bangs forward and kill the rest of the hair. Proceed to the haircut. If you wish to cut classic straight bangs scissors should be kept horizontally. To obtain the torn edge scissors, place them vertically and make small diagonal incisions.
Properly chosen haircut can not only emphasize the individuality and attractiveness, but also visually correct the face shape, making it more rounded, narrow or wide.

If you have a round face, avoid direct partings. Do not brush the hair smoothly on the side hair. For long and oval faces suit haircut "quads." Make a thick bangs that reach the eyebrows. If the face is narrow, create an asymmetrical line without a parting.

If you are the owner of wide square face, cut the hair short, giving some height at the forehead. A triangular face, extended upwards, may adjust the hairstyle when the hair cut to the middle or a little below the neck.

For pyramidal faces length hair to do at 1 cm below the angle of your jaw. At the top of the head cut the hair shorter. Bangs it's better to leave rare. Such type of face is not recommended to wear long hair, slicked back.
When choosing a hairstyle keep in mind the shortcomings of appearance. If you have a wide forehead, refrain from short haircuts, if low, create an asymmetrical hairstyle.

Big nose will be visually significantly less if you do the bangs are thick and lush hair style. Smoothly combed back thick hair will help hide protruding ears.