What can replace the breadcrumbs

The word "breading" comes from the French paner, meaning "sprinkle bread crumb". Breading allows you to create a brownish crust, retaining all the juices and aromas inside. The crumb of traditional bread crumbs for breading can replace flour. Moreover, the coarser grinding and lower the grade of flour, the better. You can use not only wheat, but corn, buckwheat, or rye flour.

If you love the cereal, in your house there are certainly a pack of corn or oat flakes. You can also use them for breading, cut with rolling pin or coffee grinder.

Semolina is a good alternative to rice crackers. Cutlets, dusted in semolina, quick "grabs", but this coating does not affect the taste of the dish. But if you want to experiment with the taste of meat dishes, try to use for breading of crushed saltine crackers or potato chips. But remember: they greatly increase the calories and are only suitable for stir-frying, as the crust of crackers or chips burns out quickly.

Alternatively, you can cook the meatballs or patties with cheese crust. For this cheese RUB, mixed with salt, spices and finely chopped herbs. The appearance of the finished dish will be different from that to which you are accustomed, but the taste will surprise you.

How to make breadcrumbs from the bread

If you have time, you can prepare bread crumbs from the house of bread. For this bread cut into small cubes and dried for 20 minutes on each side in a preheated oven at 150°C. the Cooled biscuits must be crushed in a meat grinder, a blender or coffee grinder.

You can also prepare homemade breadcrumbs in the microwave. Bread pulp, you need to chop in a flat plate and dry it in the microwave for 3-5 minutes. Check chips every 1-2 minutes so they don't burn, stirring them with your hands every time. The result is a Golden, but quite a soft batter, which will crumble in the palms of your hands until smooth.

Storage of bread crumbs, use a dry glass or plastic container with a sealed lid, otherwise the bread crumbs will absorb moisture and dampen. The product shelf life does not exceed one month, so you can use the breadcrumbs as soon as possible.