What dishes to choose for ceramic tiles

Manufacturers of ceramic tiles is recommended to only use metal utensils, which meets certain requirements. It is a guarantee that your stove will last you as long as possible.

The main requirement in this case — dishes, whether the pan or the pan must have a smooth and flat bottom, maximum adjacent to the cooking surface of ceramic, which will provide better heat transfer from the plate to the pan. If the heat transfer is low, there will be overheating of the hob, respectively, and its lifetime will be reduced.

Any looseness (a layer of air between the bottom of the pan and the surface of the plate), greatly reduce heat transfer. In addition, quite a negative influence on her and relief patterns, as well as other roughness on the surface of the bottom of the pan.

It is desirable that the bottom of your dishes was dull or dark, which has a minimum reflectance light colors reflect heat much better than dark or glossy surfaces.

To prevent thermal deformation (deflection) of the bottom of the pot also needs to have an optimal thickness, otherwise its density prileganija to the cooking surface will be low.

Be sure when selecting cookware for ceramic plates pay attention to the diameter of the base, which must conform to the dimensions of burners. If the bottom is less than or more than the cooker, the dishes will not be able to warm up evenly, which is essential for quality cooking.

Some useful tips

Cookware with aluminium or copper bases without special coatings cannot be used. The use of such utensils for cooking surface of ceramic is unacceptable. Aluminum or copper bottom is too soft, in addition, these metals can leave ugly marks or even scratches on the ceramic hob, which again significantly reduces its service life and spoils the appearance.

Prior to use, the ceramic plates be sure to read the manufacturer's recommendations to care for her, and also on the kind of cookware best suited to your model.

Choosing cookware for ceramic cooktops don't skimp — it should be quality and reliable, otherwise after some time you will have to go to the store for pots and pans.