What to do after buying a ceramic pan?

Before first use ceramic frying pans it is necessary to wash in warm water with a mild detergent and wipe with a dry cloth. To improve its non-stick properties and to protect the ceramic coating, pour on the surface of the vegetable oil or fat and calcinate on the heat for a few minutes. Then wipe the cover again with a soft cloth, you can now begin to use it. Before these manipulations read the instructions for the pan, there will definitely be said about how much time you need to temper.

Care for a ceramic frying pan

Ceramic coating is very fragile and sensitive to various influences, so for him to properly care for. Wash the frying pan you only need a soft sponge and safe detergents. You cannot use a steel brush, a nylon sponge and abrasive cleaning products, in any case, do not launder fat, citric acid, baking soda or chlorine. If the surface is not greasy, you can just rinse it with water. Wash the pan in warm water, as it does not tolerate extremes of temperatures. If the ceramic surface a lot of fat, you can drop the sponge a little vinegar. After washing, wipe the pan with a soft towel. During storage do not place on the surface of the pans other utensils.

Ceramic pan can be washed in the dishwasher, but only on the delicate cycle.

Due to the fact that the ceramic coating is sensitive to temperature changes, it is impossible to defrost food. If you want to fry frozen patties or saute the vegetables, first thaw them at room temperature or in the microwave. Then heat a pan on low heat before you start cooking. Do not cook on very high heat, ceramic does not like high temperatures. The burner should not be larger than the diameter of the pan so that the flame did not reach the side walls. If the coating has no scratches, food will not burn, and you can use less oil. After cooking you should not move the pan on a cold surface.

Do not leave an empty pan on fire for long, otherwise then the food may appear tasteless burnt crust.

During cooking use only Cutlery from soft, non-abrasive materials – silicone, bamboo or wood blades. Do not transfer food from pans, steel spoons or forks to avoid scratching the surface.

Ceramic pan cannot be used on induction cooker or hob.