Pick up type of heating elemental plates with ceramic worktop uses several types of heaters: spiral, tape, halogen, induction. The heating spiral and belt elements is the same as in conventional electric ovens. Only here they are closes not cast iron rings, and a layer of glass marked with circles, and therefore pots and pans heats up much faster.
If you want to spend less time on cooking, choose ceramic hob with halogen heater. When you turn the burner immediately creates a powerful thermal radiation. The cookware becomes hot instantly, because here as part of a tube filled with vapors of a halogen.
Stop your attention on plates with induction type heating. In these models quickly heats up the cookware and the stove remains cold. For the cooking surface of this ceramic plate easy to maintain because drops of food not dry and can be removed easily. It is also important that about the induction heater can not be burned – it remains cold.
Choose a model kontrolkirina plate performed two-loop and three-loop burners, so you can change the area of the heating surface depending on the size of the bottom of the pan. If you often cook in an oval dish, choose the platewhere a circular shape of the burner switch to an oval shape. Please note on models with automatic adjustment of area of heat - just enough to put a pan on the burner and you will be provided with uniform heating. It is useful for plate will automatic shutdown function. If the contents of the pan is sufficiently heated and boiled, the cooking zone switches off.