What to do to a guy turned into a husband?

The most important thing that you should remember – do not cut the man on the topic "when will we get married?!", do not whine, do not complain about life. Such actions cause the opposite reaction. Well, who likes to get married under duress?

If you want to have it done, you can analyze yourself. If you don't like yourself, change. You need to take a sober look at ourselves, to put ourselves in the place of men and ask "do I want to marry yourself?". If the answer is negative, think about the interfering factors and the results get rid of them.

Be sure to communicate with your man, carefully listen to him, help tips. Men appreciate the attentive listeners, it is very important to become his confidant.

Don't pretend to be what it is not. Do not go overboard with makeup, who like to lie down with one woman, but Wake up completely different? Don't wear Hoochie clothes, do not use false hair, and nails. Men want to see next to a woman without pretense and camouflage. This does not mean that we should cease to follow him.

Most importantly really want to get married

Men value emotional stability. They prefer adequate women, American emotional roller coaster like units. If you are prone to hysterical manifestations, respond to stress too rapidly, it is not "keep" the psychological load, ask for help to a therapist, practice yoga or meditation, calm emotions. Men need a source of tranquility.
Don't forget about the sense of humor. This quality men appreciate. Because a good joke is sometimes worth it.

Be seductive. Demonstrate your sexual interest in a man, try to diversify your sex, be different. Men are traditionally looking for in a wife not only a friend but a mistress.

Proud of your man, encourage him, praise. Maintain. If something has gone not quite according to plan, try not to cut, do not gloat. Support – that's what men are looking for in a future companion. You can be anything bad on me, but don't be a bad support. Eliminate from the vocabulary, "I knew it" and "I told you so!".
Have a romantic dinner. Talk to the man gently and optimistic about his plans. Say what you with it is very good that you are mad about him. Indicate your desire in the future to get married. Don't push, don't be too serious.

Be confident. Men cannot be taken seriously by women who consider themselves to be a nobody. Proud, independent woman – the perfect companion.