Ask a girl out for a walk in the nasty weather

No beauty doesn't want to freeze outside in -20 or even worse, to rain with leaking makeup. From the outside it looks as if men are either very bad with imagination, or a date - a way to recognize materialistic woman, naively counting on a Cup of coffee.

"She's all by herself"

If a man invites a girl on a date, it shall bear all associated costs. Thereby shows that he is master of the situation. As an experiment, some girls may offer to split the bill in half or pay it myself. If in such a situation, not to intervene and to allow her to do it - in most cases, the date failed.

To rush things

Sometimes, if a man have not had physical intimacy and the girl he was very cute, he involuntarily begins to think that she burns him with unbridled passion. In fact, girls, as a rule, these feelings begin to appear much slower. Its haste and pressure of you can just alienate people. This behavior immediately suggests that such date will be the first and the last.

Negative attitude and stories about the problems

A woman is subconsciously looking for a man who can help her with her problems. Why her man, fixated and not able to solve their own? Nobody likes whiners and losers. Be positive and easy to talk to.