Less likely to be fooled by beauty and charm. Very often "the adorables are capricious selfish. But you want to be loved, not used.
First of all, try to check the boys on sincerity. Because talking about love and love – two different things. Loving person with more joy giving than taking. That is, if a guy is able to sacrifice something for you, that's a plus in his favor. But if he tries to do everything the way easier and convenient to him, and you, in his opinion, should only happily agree, this is a clear disadvantage.
If you are unfamiliar with the parents of their Boyfriends, then at least provoke the guys to a story about them. Information about the family of man you can get some information about him. For example, the Pope is your guy a wonderful father to his wife to be treated with respect and love Perfectly! There is a chance that the son is the same. But if the young man in the family of rigid Patriarchy, the father is not indifferent to alcohol, and even, God forbid, likes to walk on the side , you should ask yourself, is it worth the risk. Although it happens that the son, who truly loves mom and life watching the antics of the father, acquires a strong immunity to this way of life.
If the behavior your boyfriend is clear that he is a submissive sissy, used to the fact that his mother decides everything, and the mother is striving to solve everything for the son, it is quite possible that she will do it when son will have his own family. It is unlikely you will like it.
You should think more, and this aspect of mutual tolerance. All people have their own peculiarities in character and conduct. They say that women marry the men, the disadvantages of which they can tolerate. Some women can easily live side by side with a man who, being able to make a family, not scored in this single nail on their own. The other for "hands growing out of the place , ready to kill. Women, accustomed to perfect order in the house, usually barely tolerate thrown anywhere socks.
Compare the advantages and disadvantages of guys who compels your attention, and make your choice. But don't forget to listen to your intuition – sometimes it can tell you how to choose from two guys one, the one that you need.