Advice 1: What to wear father of the bride wedding

A daughter's wedding is very important event in a man's life. He wants to look perfect. But to dress for a wedding should be in accordance with the generally accepted rules. There are several acceptable options suit father of the bride.
The father of the bride

Rule suit father of the bride

The bride's father is a very important guest at the wedding. Without it, the ceremony certainly will not do. So you just need to look better than the groom his beloved daughter. He has a very important role to convey the bride worthy of her chosen one. So the choice of costume should be approached seriously and to follow the General rules.

You should consider the fact that the pants cannot be too short. They should cover the top edge of the shoes. It is also necessary that the collar of the shirt is a tight fit neck. Well, the cuff should be approximately two centimeters peek out from under the sleeves of his jacket.

The choice of tie is a very important process. Better if in color, it is combined with the tone of the evening toilet. The best option is tie calm warm colors. For example, multi-coloured tie with a pattern will look ridiculous on a classic wedding ceremony. Usually wear a colorful tie if the wedding is stylized. Very impressive will look butterfly pastel colors combined with an evening suit.

Socks should be selected so that under the counter of the pants was not noticeable the rim of the sock in a sitting position of the bride's father. It is advisable to purchase shoes that fit the costume and tone. However, allowed the use of classic black shoes with a grey suit. Regardless of colour the shoes should be closed toe and heel.

Possible options

After studying the General requirements to suit the bride's father can begin to the selection. Classic suit in black or dark gray would be particularly impressive to look at the age man. A mandatory element of this outfit should be elegant boutonniere. In the summer time you can wear a light suit of light color and pick it in the tone of elegant shoes.

The father of the bride can wear an elegant tuxedo or tailcoat to wear a bow tie and starched white shirt. Such suit is ideal sash and patent-leather shoes with pointed toes. Perhaps in this form I can even outshine the groom. Do not forget that the selected style to some extent will reflect your inner self.
The main objective of the bride's father is transferring his daughter to another man for happy life together and not a competition in costumes with him.

Advice 2 : How to dress for wedding parents

Wedding celebration – a wonderful, bright and memorable event not only for the couple themselves but also for their parents and all invited guests. After the celebration always remain memorable photos, which look respectively this great event. It is worth remembering that the parents at the wedding is the second highest figures after the bride and groom. That is why they should pay special attention to your wardrobe.
How to dress for wedding parents
Clothing for parents should be cleverly chosen and thought out. For example, in order for ladies to look most elegant, you can wear short or long dress for special occasions. Remember, however, that a fully white dress can be just the bride herself.
Black solid color - also not the best option for women. Also not suitable red, dress with shiny sequins or too deep neckline and open shoulders. Therefore, prefer neutral colors and modest cut. For example, mother of the bride at the wedding can afford to wear a dress or a suit of pearlescent, pastel go any other light shade.
The wedding celebration usually lasts a whole day, so the choice of shoes be mind. It is desirable that the shoes were not only elegant but also comfortable. In the most extreme case take a pair of replacement shoes. Ladies, better to give preference to low-key and relaxed gold or silver jewelry sets.
A man can wear to a wedding any festive costume, whether it is plaid, striped or solid. You can not use the tie, but it is a desirable addition to the costume. If the celebration is informal, wear one color shirt and jeans, but avoid sports and old clothes.
Use the perfume in moderation. After all, the celebration usually takes place in the presence of a large number of invited guests. And the abundance of sharp flavors can be unpleasant to others.

When choosing clothes, if the wedding is in the winter, give preference to classical style. Of course, the room does not have to be in a jacket or coat, but maybe you will be shooting a camera or camcorder on the street.
Pay attention to your headpiece. Ladies can be present in the room with the head covered, unlike the male. Hat does not have to be extravagant. The outfit, worn to a wedding should not overshadow the dresses of the bride or groom as it will look disrespectful to the heroes of the occasion.
Useful advice
It is desirable that the mother of the bride and groom have agreed before the start of the celebration, in any outfits they will be. Harmoniously the wedding dresses look about the same length and similar styles.
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