According to etiquette, before the mother of the bride bought the first dress, and then reported the mother of the groom the colors and style of her dress. This was done to ensure that mothers of young people were dressed in the same style. However, today the parent of a young man can justly be offended by such a neglect of its interests. Therefore, mothers should choose their dresses for the wedding either together, or in agreeing on the design of their dresses or suits.
When choosing a dress for mother of the groom should take into account the type of appearance, shape, taste. If the mother of the bride – blonde, and the groom's mother – the burning brunette, of course, they do not fit clothing of the same color. In this situation, you should choose clothes whose color will blend in with each other. For example, the mother of the bride can wear a peach dress, mother of the groom – olive. Attire and mother of the groom, and the bride's mother should be either warm or cool shade. The only taboo – it is a white color. If the bride has chosen wedding dress champagne color or ivory, your attire needs to be at least a couple of shades darker.
Outfit mother of the groom should be elegant. Fit mid-length dress, suits-two and three. Trousers are also accepted. It is desirable that all elements of the toilet was the same color. The variety of colors in your outfit at the wedding is not desirable.
Wedding image perfect complement to the family jewels – gold jewelry with diamonds, pearls, semi-precious stones. The dress can be decorated with expensive embroidery, beads, bugles.
Striking the final note will look the shirt or tie of the groom's father, chosen to match the outfit of his wife. Then the parents of the young man will look impressive and harmoniously, giving the palm a couple.