Superstitions about the wedding dress: it is not necessary to dwell

Just want to say: despite the fact that with the wedding dress involves a lot of beliefs and superstitions, to dwell much on them is not necessary. There was a time when our ancestors simply went to the registry office or village Council in the casual clothes and then lived happily ever after for decades.

If all the time to think about something bad, then it certainly will happen, so don't need before the wedding get yourself all worked up in anticipation that at some time will happen something unexpected and unpleasant. Better to just relax and enjoy the upcoming holiday.

However, the signs are there and sometimes they do work. For the most worried brides there are many rules of choice of wedding dresses.

What should be the perfect wedding dress

There is an old belief, according to which wedding dress the bride must be added to the thing, to take someone from your family. Before the bride's mother gave the girl embroidered handkerchief. On the handkerchief was embroidered with symbols that protected the bride from evil looks. It is desirable to ask some trinket from relatives or friends, but a veil and gloves to borrow in any case impossible. Need after the wedding be sure to return the borrowed thing. To borrow this thing, preferably a friend, who happily married.

The wedding dress should be brand new. After the wedding, no one is allowed to borrow it. There is a legend according to which, someone else's wedding dress is able to pull in family life other people's problems. Happy wedding dress may be the outfit that keeps the energy of nature and inherited from generation to generation. Wedding dress great-grandmother, who lived happily in marriage for over fifty years, can become a reliable talisman. However, it is difficult to find a family in Russia, where the wedding dress great-grandmother, which you can wear, so the outfit for the upcoming celebration, you need to buy in the store. It is better to purchase a simpler wedding dress than to take a chic outfit to hire.

However, buying a wedding dress in the store, you can not with certainty say that no one not wore. I personally know a case where my friend's mother worked as the seller in shop of elite wedding dresses and my daughter took some very beautiful outfit, which was then returned back to the salon and was purchased.

The ideal option is wedding dress, made to order. In this case, you can be completely confident that the dress had never been worn, and it does not carry negative energy.

There is also a superstition, according to which wedding dress you can not sew itself to the future bride or to entrust this business to loved ones and relatives.

The wedding dress should be long because it means a long and happy family life.

An old English superstition associated with the bride's attire

According to tradition, on the wedding day the bride must be wearing four things. One thing must be new, second is old, the third blue and fourth, borrowed from a girlfriend. The new thing is a symbol of a new family where will reign love, peace and harmony; the old thing means the relationship of the bride to the house, parents and family in which she grew up. The blue colour symbolizes modesty and fidelity, and the thing borrowed, means the relationship of the bride with the friends on whose help and support she can always count on in difficult moments in life.

How to buy wedding dress

In the Bridal salon it is best to go with the company of loved ones. When trying on dresses should help only those people, whose good attitude, you can be sure at 100%.

No need to take pictures of myself in different outfits so I can compare. You should treat your wedding dress with proper respect.

In the store you need to try to bride in a wedding dress was seen as a possible unfamiliar people.

The future bride should not pay for the purchase. Wedding dress up celebration should be stored in the parental home.

No one but the bride should not try on dress purchased. You also can not wear a full wedding attire completely and look in the mirror. For example, you can do a fitting in one glove.

What color should a wedding dress be

Traditionally, the wedding dress has to be white. The white color symbolizes purity and the light that will illuminate the future family life of the newlyweds. However, modern designers offer wedding gowns in different colors, and more and more brides want to wear to a wedding anything unusual.

Yellow wedding dress can draw in family quarrels and tears, the red – numerous scandals and dissensions. However, elements of red color in a wedding dress or bouquet portend good luck in marriage, the power of love and unquenchable passion.

The gold color attracts money to the family and symbolizes life in abundance. However, it is not necessary to marry in a fully gold dress. We are talking about individual elements.

Rose dress symbolizes the deep pure love, but the perfect remains a white wedding dress.

How to wear the wedding dress

Folk omens and superstitions say that it is impossible to dress for the wedding themselves or with the help of the mother. It is best to ask for help from friends. They should help the bride in this day.

On the hem of the wedding dress need to pin the pin head down. The pin will take the views of envy and neutralizes negative energy.

Wedding dress of the bride should wear over his head.

How to wear a wedding dress during the celebration

The day of the wedding, when the groom arrived at the bride's house, young to be separated not to the point until they are announced husband and wife. It is also impossible to admit, that between them took place guests.

If the bridesmaid dress is very full skirt, which interferes with walking, the bride in no case should not help his lady to bear the hem. It should do the bridesmaid.

During the wedding ceremony friends do not need to fix the bride's attire. According to the existing belief, in this case, they would intervene and spoil family life.

Popular folk superstitions about wedding bridesmaid dress

Wedding day dress ripped – jeans can't be added.

If the wedding bridesmaid dresses flew off the button, then there are frequent quarrels and discord in the family. Need to sew on a stray button two stitches to take the trouble of the newlyweds. By the way, according to popular tradition, the buttons on the bride's wedding dress should be an even number.

It is impossible to see a groom in a wedding dress before the wedding. It is believed that in this case, the wedding can not take place.

Wedding dress as a talisman

Wedding dress it is better to keep. It will be able to do a good job in the future. With the help of it you can remove the evil eye from the baby.