Under a classic white dress will suit any color of the groom's suit. Those who are the combination of white attire with traditional black tailcoat will seem boring, you can adopt a chocolate, light gray or purple color.
If the bride has chosen the dress of a shade of "champagne" wedding tuxedo is best to choose a warm palette. Extremely fashionable colours ivory, sand, brown. Of extraordinary shades you can choose herbal, banana, orange.
It is necessary that the groom's suit was not out of the General concept of the wedding. If the celebration will be held in a conservative atmosphere, it is better to choose the traditional tuxedo or tailcoat neutral colors. And for festival in the informal style you need to details of the groom's suit, tie, handkerchief, belt - match with the wedding decor.
Blue dress goes well the bride blue wedding suit. And if the wedding is held in the village, the groom can adopt country style, and dress up in a tweed jacket is a traditional taupe color. Under it is ideal to sand or gray pants and shirt with a small flower and blue suspenders.
Classic black color of the groom's suit can be diluted with bright shirt pink, coral, mint hue. Or under the white shirt and grey tuxedo to wear acid tie or a belt. This style is very popular with honeymooners up to 30 years.
Instead of boring and outdated tuxedo tailcoat can be double-breasted jacket in retro style. Best of all this thing looks great in dark gray, steel or brown. The costume can be in monochrome stripes. The shirt is to choose plain.
An interesting idea is the wedding tuxedo unusual pearl color. It can be gold, silver or bronze shade. The first one looks good with a white dress and one with blue, and the third outfit shade "champagne".
Those who think pink coat too frilly, but still wants to stand out, you should pay attention to British pop art. This is a men's suit consisting of a grey jacket, plain shirt in cornflower blue, dark gray cropped pants, brown satin butterflies, bright boutonnieres and socks of unexpected color, such as Canary-yellow.
To the groom, in harmony with the General concept of the celebration, you should choose it together with the bride. Or to call for help of a designer who wedding.