1. Ladies can dress up for a wedding most elegant, choosing a long or a short dress for the Grand occasion. At the same time, it should be remembered that in a white dress at the wedding can only be a bride. But a plain black dress is not always the best option for wedding party. Better to choose clothes of a neutral color.

  2. Shoes should be not only beautiful and elegant, but comfortable – in most cases, wedding celebration lasts more than one hour. In a pinch, you can bring a change of shoes, light and comfortable.

  3. Ladies should not too abundant to complement your outfit jewelry. It is better to prefer quiet and low-key sets from gold or silver.

  4. Men can come to the wedding in any birthday suit – solid color, plaid or striped. The main rule – your outfit should not copy the groom's suit. Try to avoid white shirts – it is better to choose a shirt the color of the suit.

  5. Usually dressy dress to a wedding is possible without the use of tie. But in General, a tie is a welcome addition to the male suit chosen for a wedding celebration. If the wedding is informal, you can wear jeans and a plain shirt. But in any case you should avoid sports clothing, a shapeless old sweater and worn shoes.

  6. Wedding guests should not too actively to use toilet water or perfume. In most cases, the wedding takes place at a large gathering of guests, so sharp and strong smell of perfume is very inappropriate.

  7. Don't forget to bring a handkerchief – men can put it in his jacket pocket, and women – in a small handbag or clutch.

  8. If the wedding will take place in the cold season, try to choose a outerwear option, which would be the most elegant, desirable designed in a classic style (e.g., neat coat or short coat). Of course, indoors you won't be in street clothes, but a wedding video or photography often takes place on the street. Therefore it is not necessary to wear sports jackets flashy colors or too shabby garments.

  9. Going to a wedding, pay attention to your headpiece. Male guests attending the celebration with her head uncovered, but the ladies have every right to attend the wedding headdress. In any case, the headpiece must be careful not to hit the excessive extravagance. All wedding guests should dress according to the situation, so it is not necessary to Supplement your attire garish accessories.