Advice 1: Why plants need to be transplanted in the spring

Why do we need to transplant plants? Because in nature no one transplant, they are always in the same place. But plants without a transplant can feel depressed or even die. For example, due to the small capacity, hindering the development of the root system. Or because of soil depletion, accumulation of excess salts and disruption of the soil structure that impedes air flow.
Why plants need to be transplanted in the spring

Garden plants, like flowers, sometimes it is necessary to replant. Here, for example, a novice gardener inexperience planted a tree in the wrong place – too close to another tree or to a neighbor's fence. Or, for example, decided to build some construction on the place where the tree grows. Just unroot it is a pity, it is better to transplant.

In most cases, they should be transplanted in spring, as for any plants, especially whimsical, capricious, transplantation – a lot of stress. It successfully coped with it, is well settled in the new place required a long period of favorable conditions. This answers spring transplanting: at least part of the spring, summer and early autumn the plant will get light and heat in sufficient quantity. So he's got at least five to six months to get comfortable in a new place. Usually, this is more than enough.

If you transplant the plant in the summer then, firstly, the duration of comfort period will be much less, and secondly, dramatically increases the risk of dry roots, especially the capillary system, very fragile and vulnerable. This risk is particularly high in hot and dry weather, even if for a transplant to spend a minimum of time and immediately plenty of water. Because of this, plants transplanted in the summer, often dry up or worse develop. Therefore, it is better not to risk it and do the job in the spring.

Is it possible to transplant in the fall? In the garden is permissible only for the most hardy, undemanding plants, undemanding to the conditions of detention. If we are talking about plants, then replant in the fall should be those whose period of active growth corresponds to the period of "autumn-winter", and the most powerful blooming in the spring.

Advice 2 : What days to transplant flowers

Transplant the flowers should be on certain days, indicated in the lunar calendar. In such a period the plant will best take root, take root, and will delight beautiful flowers.
What days to transplant flowers
People are at all times focused on the phase of the moon when planting or transplanting plants and flowers. Was identified certain patterns that later found a scientific explanation and this was reflected in the lunar calendars. These calendars contain information about which days it is best to transplant flowers and plants, watering, plant them, and when to trim the old leaves.
During the waxing moon – from new moon to full moon should be transplanted flowers with tall stems, large leaves and buds. During this period, the movement of the juice comes from the root to the stem, so the minor damage to the root system will not affect the growth of a flower. For a moon the root of the plant is in a calm state.
The period of waxing moon is favourable for the excision of the flower buds, this process awakens dormant buds, and the plant began to bloom. You can't cut the largest part of the stem, or the flower may die. In this phase the plant requires profuse watering due to the intense growth.
During the waning moon – from full moon to new moon strengthens the processes in the root system of the plant. It is rooted, and the movement of the juice comes from the top down, filling the roots of power. This is an unfavorable time for planting, because the slightest damage to the root system, it can not settle down and disappear.
During this period, the aboveground part of the plant is resting, so tear off the old leaves and flowers will not harm him. For longer journeys the flowers cut off the stem, doing it during the waning moon. Thus, plants can endure long storage.
The waning moon should be planted horticultural crops such as bulbs, tubers, potato, legumes. These plants are firmly rooted and will give a good harvest. Planted at this time, the flowers, especially bulbs, are pleasing to the eye beautiful large buds and greenery.
During the waning moon is favourable for the crop flowers, it will lead to their long-term storage and durability. During this period, it is not recommended to replant flowers, but if unavoidable, should be extremely careful not to damage the root system.
In the preparation of the lunar calendar also takes into account the influence of the zodiac signs, they are fertile and infertile. Transplanting flowers during the fertile signs such as Pisces, Cancer, Taurus, is especially favorable, plants will well get accustomed and will be a long and beautiful bloom. Barren signs are Capricorn and Virgo.
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