Planning trips

Yes, Yes, Yes! It may seem ridiculous, but an experienced man thinks in advance and plan a joint walk with the girl to have the opportunity to show their talents and to captivate her.

For example, if you have a brilliant singing, invite the girl to walk in the summer Park, which is a cafe with karaoke. Passing by this cafe, you can casually suggest to her to sing a couple of songs. When she hears you sing beautifully, as admiringly looking at you other visitors of the cafe, she certainly will treat you more warm and interested.

And you can casually walk down the street, where usually are your friends along with you to hone a style of Street Dance. Just stand with a girl and see how beautiful and dynamic dance to the music of fun people. And then suddenly to join them and dance for a few minutes. After this dance, your interaction with a girl can become easy and effortless.

To speak on topics of interest to them

If you went with a girl for a walk, it means you have already had the opportunity at least a little to understand that she was interested. If she loves the creativity of Tim Burton, told you a little detail as he was filming a movie, will cause her genuine interest. And can start easy and entertaining conversation.

Just try a deeper dive into their interests. If a girl will realize that the topics you touch on, really not interested in you, she will begin to withdraw, feeling your insincerity. She will think that you want to have sex with her".

Stories about yourself

A girl can begin to ask, how did you live what you are doing. You just need and honest answer. At the same time to ensure that your responses were a little interesting and detailed. And she will be grateful, if will sometimes ask, wondering whether she is talking about.


If you are reasonably knowledgeable person, read a lot of books, you can use any excuse to tell something interesting. For example, seeing the pigeons on the street, tell the girl that they can fly without rest at one time more than 2000 km. But nevertheless, not fly away to warmer climes for the winter as migratory birds. And then tell them why they are doing so.

If your strong suit is his innate sense of humor, feel free to use it. Tell the girl, tell funny stories! This walk she will remember for a long time and almost certainly will want to meet again.