First of all you should refrain from raskalyvanii yourself. Better tell us about your Hobbies, a hobby. By identifying common interests, support the conversation on this topic. If you don't know something, better to remain silent or to say it you are curious and would like to know about it. For example, young people interested in the history of Ancient Egypt. Ask him about the pyramids, the history of their origin, etc.
In no case do not try to play someone. Be natural, because you should be interested in the person themselves, and not worn over the face mask. Imagine this situation: you're on first acquaintance said that doing business (in fact it is not). Over time, he learns that it's not true. His first thought: "This man is a liar! It can't be trusted". Of course, that further communication will be reduced to zero.
Try to be attentive to the interlocutor. If you're not interested in the topic conversation, move smoothly to another. In any case, don't tear off a person in mid-sentence, as this is a sign of barbarism. Also, do not speak the monologue, it is better to build a proper dialogue.
Don't be too persistent because this may push away the partner. Smile more, because it's endearing, but it should be done naturally. In no case do not complain to life, do not talk about the old relationship. It is better to find a neutral topic of conversation.
At the first meeting look people in the eye. You can touch the interlocutor's hand, but that touch must be light and short-lived. Using these gestures, you will know whether they'll let you in his personal space.
In conclusion, you can thank the interlocutor for a wonderful time. Say it was very pleasant to communicate with him.