Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is quite simple and long-established browser. Unfortunately, today the developers of this browser "delight" its users more and more Intrusive and irreversible the various innovations that are installed automatically by browser auto-update. It is possible that in future versions, users will be deprived of the ability to create and manage your own Explorer toolbar, but in the end he may turn into the equivalent of the Google Chrome browser. If you want to Mozilla Firefox please you in the same way as before, and thus was not installing any updates without your consent, you should disable automatic updates of the browser.

Disable automatic updates Mozilla Firefox

The updates for Mozilla Firefox go quite often and sometimes alert when new, improved versions can just to annoy or even to interfere with the comfortable work with the browser. In order to disable automatic updating of the browser, you should go to its settings. For this you will need to open Explorer and select the Tools tab. In the shortcut menu that appears, click on the "Settings" button and enter "Update". In the window you should find the item "Never check for updates" and opposite him tick. Action is necessary to confirm with the "OK" button and restart the browser, then automatic updates will immediately turn off. It should be noted that in modern versions the user can choose which updates the browser will search for automatically. Updates to: "Firefox", "add-Ons" and "Search plugins". If you do not need any updates, simply remove the checkmark from all these points.

As a result of these actions Mozilla Firefox will not check for updates, therefore, will not receive various notifications about new versions and other things. Of course, the possibility of their installation at the user will only this will need sometimes to go into "Updates" in the browser and make their own decision about the installation of an innovation. If you like some more recent version of Mozilla Firefox, it can be viewed and set via the "Help". Select the appropriate tab from the top menu bar and click on "About Firefox" and then "Check for updates". After clicking appears a list of possible updates, where you will easily be able to manually install just what you need.