Microsoft Windows updates are disabled in different ways depending on the operating system, but all these methods are similar. Consider the two basic methods how to remove automatic updates.

The first method is suitable for Windows XP and Windows 2003: go to go to "start" - "settings" - "control Panel" - "administrative tools – "Services". In the "Services" tab, locate the "Automatic update", select properties and disable "startup Type".
On some editions of Windows XP to remove automatic updates will help the following method: go to "My computer", right-click the mouse anywhere on the screen, select "properties". Click on the tab "Automatic updates "Disable" - "Apply".
The second method is disabling automatic updates for Windows Vista and Windows 7: go to go to "start" - "control Panel" - "Windows update". If You do not see the update, switch from "category" to "icons". In the "Windows update" in the left column, click "customize settings". From the drop-down list on the next page select "never check for updates". At the bottom uncheck all the checkboxes and leave the squares "Recommended updates" and "Microsoft Update" is blank, then click "OK".
On some operating systems service packs (SP) one off updates is not enough. How to remove automatic updates on such a PC? To disable all updates run service services.msc. Just type their name in search or in "start" - "Run". In the window locate the service "Windows Update" or "Update Services" and click "Stop the service". After this procedure, no update is no longer loaded.