Advice 1: How to clear search string

Queries entered in the search string, by default, remain in the cache of the browser and appear when re-treatment is to reduce the time spent searching for the necessary information. In some cases, the queries are stored on the server of the search engine. To clear the search filter, you must remove the cache of the web browser or disable the search system to store the entered words and phrase.
How to clear search string
Google Shoestory to ban the search engine to automatically load into a string query previously entered words, and at the same time to clear the browser cache, click on the icon with the wrench icon in the Explorer pane and select "Parameters". In the menu "Main", "Search" section, uncheck the box next to "Enable instant search". In menu "advanced" then click "Delete browsing data", and then select all the check boxes, and click the clear cache and other data.
Oregan this browser to perform the same procedure, press Ctrl and F12 to open the dialog "Settings". On the Search tab uncheck the box next to "Enable tooltips for the search", click "OK". Go to the "Advanced" tab and click "History". Click "Clear" under "Disk cache".
FirefoxВ Mozilla Firefox menu, select "Settings" and go to the tab "Privacy". Click the active link "Clear your recent history". In the new dialog box, select the time period to delete the history of requests over a period of time and check for items "form history and search" and "Cache". Click "Clear now" to apply the changes.
Internet Explorer browser from Microsoft, open the dialog box "Internet options" from the tools menu. In the section "browsing History" click "Delete" mark the check boxes of the items associated with the input query and commit the changes. Click "Settings" in the "Search" section, select the search engine the default, and click "Disable suggestions" to disable the search service to store the entered queries.

Advice 2 : How to remove search engine from a browser

For experienced PC users will not be difficult to get rid of a search engine in the browser, but beginners can encounter this problem and just accept it.
How to remove search engine from a browser
Quite often, the user who installs or other software do not review everything that appears on the screen. For example, the program can install a specific toolbar, change search engine, change browser, etc. One of the most annoying search engine Webalta, which is installed automatically. It should be noted that although Webalta and is working as a search engine in reality is a Trojan horse that runs and works on the principle of Trojans.

Removing search engine Webalta

To remove this search engine is quite difficult. For this you need to go into the registry and clean it. To do this, go to start menu and select Run. This opens a special window where you can enter the command regedit. This will launch the registry window where you select the tab "edit" and "Find" fits Webalta. Then you must click on search button then results will appear. When you find a search engine you should click on the delete button to remove it from the registry. Then search again to make sure all data has been removed from the registry.

Removing search engines from browsers

If you want to remove some other search engine, then you can do it much faster and easier. All depends on the browser you are using.

You have installed the Google Chrome browser and you want to remove or change the search engine. To do this, go to "Settings" which can be found by clicking on the button with the wrench icon or the gear in the upper right corner of the window. Then, you need to scroll through and choose the option to Install a search engine for Omnibox". Here is a list of the most popular search engines. You can choose the right one and remove the unnecessary by using the "Delete" button.

In order to remove any search engine from Mozilla Firefox, you must go to the tab "Extensions" and find the search engine that is subject to deletion. Then, using the corresponding button is deleted. In order that the search engine is not back in place, it is necessary in the address bar, type about:config. Next, fit the name of the search engine (for example, and manually with the button "Reset" off each item. To run a specific search engine is necessary in this window to enter a keyword.URL and choose a suitable one by typing in the address.

In the Opera browser to delete the search, go to "Settings", choose "General settings" and click "Search". After you find a search engine you should click on the "Delete" button. You can then set the desired search engine, with easy-click on it.

For example, in Internet Explorer go to "Internet options" and find the term "Home page" where the search engines list, and specifically used. Using the "Delete" button to remove unwanted search engine.
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