Google Shoestory to ban the search engine to automatically load into a string query previously entered words, and at the same time to clear the browser cache, click on the icon with the wrench icon in the Explorer pane and select "Parameters". In the menu "Main", "Search" section, uncheck the box next to "Enable instant search". In menu "advanced" then click "Delete browsing data", and then select all the check boxes, and click the clear cache and other data.
Oregan this browser to perform the same procedure, press Ctrl and F12 to open the dialog "Settings". On the Search tab uncheck the box next to "Enable tooltips for the search", click "OK". Go to the "Advanced" tab and click "History". Click "Clear" under "Disk cache".
FirefoxВ Mozilla Firefox menu, select "Settings" and go to the tab "Privacy". Click the active link "Clear your recent history". In the new dialog box, select the time period to delete the history of requests over a period of time and check for items "form history and search" and "Cache". Click "Clear now" to apply the changes.
Internet Explorer browser from Microsoft, open the dialog box "Internet options" from the tools menu. In the section "browsing History" click "Delete" mark the check boxes of the items associated with the input query and commit the changes. Click "Settings" in the "Search" section, select the search engine the default, and click "Disable suggestions" to disable the search service to store the entered queries.