Why the walls of the toilet bowl plaque

Urinary stone, rust stains and limescale are formed not at once. If every day to clean the toilet bowl with a brush using a special detergent for toilets, you'll never see these defects on the surface of sanitary ware.

Rare late flushing and cleaning contribute to a persistent contamination of the toilet. The urine of the person has in its composition many minerals that are deposited on the walls of plumbing, every day increasing the layers of dirt. This precipitate is a conventional means and a cleaning brush is difficult to clean.

How to clean a dirty toilet

Start a total cleanse of the toilet using well-established household chemicals. Pay attention to the composition of the liquid, it must be the sodium salts of sulfate, carbonate, silicate and anionic surfactants. Formic or sulfuric acid in the composition means that the great fights with a touch of rust.

The selected cleaner should apply liberally under the toilet rim. Immediately get to work do not need, let the active substance will slightly soften the plaque. After half an hour, start to clean the bowl of the toilet and drain the hard brush. Rinse with water. Apply detergent again, from old the stone is not removed, get ready to do so 5-6 times at least.

To combat the RAID on the plumbing traditionally used "White". This tool is not harmless, so work with it carefully. Put on thick rubber gloves and a mask to avoid breathing in harmful chlorine vapors. "White" also need to evenly water the walls of the toilet and wait a few hours before cleaning.

You can clean up the plumbing a washing powder with oxygen bleach. Also, good effect gives the application of citric acid and acetic essence. Do not forget to ventilate the toilet after each use. Do not do the cleaning using the cleaning products in the presence of small children and be sure to put household chemicals out of reach.

If possible, you can have a good and quick cleaning of the inside of the toilet bowl using the electrolyte of the battery. You need to work with gloves and mask, and protective glasses. Spitting into the toilet, the electrolyte should be left for 2 hours, and then repeatedly rinse with water. This method is perfectly eliminates the old RAID, but it is not suitable if the toilet has a plastic pipe.