Advice 1: Cola as a cleaner: how to use it and we should do it

Cola and other carbonated beverages are gaining increasing popularity as a means to clean rust, lime scale, additive to washing powder and so on. Whereby the beverage is able to clean the kettles and bowls, and whether it makes sense to use soda as a household chemical?
Cola as a cleaner: how to use it and we should do it

Unusual ways to use soda

Soda became the hero of many of the popular recipes to make life easier for Housewives. As a rule, as a cleaning agent recommend the use of "Coca-Cola", "Fanta" or "Sprite," or sometimes "Pepsi". And the range of applications in the home these drinks is quite wide. Here are just a few of the repeatedly tested and "working" options:

to clean the kettle from scale;

- to wash the cups from the tea plaque;

- to clean the toilet bowl;

- remove limescale from taps and sanitary ware;

- remove stains from felt-tip pens;

- clean the coin;

- to remove rust;

- use in the wash as an additive to the powder.

How to clean Cola kettle and much more

If the inside of the kettle formed a layer of scale, in order to get rid of it, pour enough Cola in it to half and bring to a boil. Then wait a few minutes and pour the soda. Then razmyagchayuschiesya the scale layer easily depart from the walls of the kettle.

To wash the tea cups from the brown RAID, fill them with soda and leave to stand for a few hours. The walls of the Cup white, from the RAID will be over.

To clean a toilet with Cola or another drink, you must pour into it a bottle of "cleaning products" (preferably so that it got under the rim and leave, not washing, at least for an hour. And it's better at night. Then clean with the brush and you will see that the gold deposits were gone, and plumbing shines with pristine white.

To clean away lime deposits and rust in the taps in the bathroom and kitchen or other chrome parts, you can wrap them with a cloth liberally soaked in the magical drink, and after 10-15 minutes, wash and wipe to a Shine.

To clean a coin with coke can also easily: just put it in a drink overnight and in the morning wipe with a soft cloth: a layer of dirt will be removed, and the coin brighten. In the same way you can clean the rust from small items.

To remove stains from clothes, it is necessary to pour Cola contamination (or simply wet her pile of clothes right in the washing machine drum), and after a few minutes to fill regular detergent and wash as usual. And dirt come off much better.

Why Cola cleans scum, rust and limescale

In fact, the cleaning properties are not a specific feature "Coca-Cola", "Pepsi" or "Sprite" and suggests that the composition of these drinks include some very dangerous and powerful chemicals. Cleaning properties has any lemonade, and the effect of all of these means about the same. And Cola is just the most publicized – and, consequently, more widespread and more mythologized.

In almost all carbonated drinks include acidity regulators – as a rule, citric acid (E-330), widespread in everyday life.

Another popular acidity regulator – phosphoric acid (Е338), is well known to motorists as an excellent anti-corrosion agent: it not only converts the rust, but also prevents further corrosion of the metal, forming on its surface a very thin protective film.

Don't forget about "magic bubbles" of carbon dioxide, which is also chemically reacts with water, forming up carbonic acid.

Thus, any non-alcoholic carbonated beverage from a chemical point of view, is a weak acid solution. And when the drink is poured into a covered with gray crust of plaque kettle, the acids react with and dissolve the lime. This explains the "magic" cleaning properties of Cola and other carbonated beverages.

Soda as a cleaning agent: expensive and not very efficient

Despite the fact that the stake was indeed successfully performs the functions of cleaning products to use as household chemicals are not very reasonable.

The authors of the program "Mythbusters" on the Discovery channel specially put experiments examining the effectiveness of Coca-Cola in the guidance of purity, and came to the conclusion that the drink actually has cleaning properties, but its effectiveness is still much lower than specialized tools. And this is understandable: after all, the concentration of "active ingredients" in the beverage is extremely small. By the way, no coincidence that all the "popular ways" the use of colas involve a very long contact with the drink – chemical action takes time.

The cost of a bottle of soda while comparable with the cost of a bottle of specialized cleaning products that will last for a long time. The beverages, except for the cleaning additives that contain a lot of excess cleaning products ingredients such as sweeteners or food dyes.

And fans of home remedies you can use instead of soda solutions of food acids, for example acetic or citric. Or wipe the contamination with half a lemon – the concentration of citric acid in lemon juice is much higher, and therefore the cleaning effect is much more noticeable. And it's greener and much cheaper.

Advice 2 : Non-standard use of "Coca-Cola"

The world-famous beverage Coca-Cola has a lot of interesting properties that allow it to find a variety of applications, and be a good helper on the farm.
Non-standard use of "Coca-Cola"


Coca-Cola as a cleaning agent

Coca-Cola can easily clean the kettle from scale. You need to pour it in and leave overnight. In the morning, the kettle inside is like new. The same method can be cleaned from plaque car radiator.

"Coca-Cola" you can clean jewelry. To do this, you must put them in a glass of drink for 1-1. 5 hours, and then just slightly to make it brush. However, it is not worth doing if the jewelry has any stones. It is very harmful for them.

Burnt pan easy to return to pristine condition with the help of "Coca-Cola". To do this, pour her a drink and bring to boil. The result will not keep itself waiting.

Coca-Cola poured into the toilet, makes it much cleaner, and tile it can be cleaned from scale and rust.

"Coca-Cola" for the hair

Coca-Cola is a good conditioner for hair. It contained the acid neutralizes the alkaline effect of the shampoo. Enough to pour Coke on his head, rinse and dry.

If after painting hair color is too rich, "Coca-Cola" to make it lighter.

Other uses for Coca-Cola in the economy

Coca-Cola will get rid of slugs in the garden. Just pour it in the broad and flat saucer and place in the garden. Its sweet smell will lure the slugs in the bucket, and out they can't.

If not, Unscrew the bolt, and it will help Coca-Cola. Want to soak a rag in it and wrapped around the bolt, leave for 2-3 hours. After this procedure, the bolt will get loose much easier.

Washed "Coca-Cola" glass will have a natural Shine and will leave streaks.

Using Coke you can make the photo aged and lightly spray her drink and immediately wiping. The main thing is not to make it too wet can ruin it.

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