You will need
  • Acetic acid, hydrochloric acid, oxalic acid, citric acid, chlorine-based products.
Remove the yellow limestone using acetic acid. Pour into the bowl of remedy and leave overnight. After this time, clean with brush and rinse with water. If the first attempt failed to clear the limescale, repeat the procedure several times. Use acetic acid in small doses.
Use 33% hydrochloric acid solution for cleansing the toilet. Before you begin, put on rubber gloves to protect hands from the harmful effects of acid. Also, don't forget about the special glasses. Pour into the dry wall of the bowl about 200 ml of solution, trying not to breathe. Then quickly close the lid and leave in this state for 15-20 minutes. After this time drain the water. This method is not recommended for regular cleaning, only in extreme cases. If you have a plastic pipe to the riser of the toilet, discard media.
With a slight patina on the toilet , use oxalic or citric acid. Dissolve the acid in warm water to make a 5% solution. Apply the product on the walls of the toilet and wait a few hours. Then rinse with water. While working with the acid ensure that she did not get on the skin. If this happens, quickly rinse with plenty of water.
Using chemical household products can easily remove yellow plaque. Take the "Comet" or "Domestos" and apply to damp abrasive sponge, you can buy in any hardware store. Wipe soiled parts of the toilet bowl and leave for 1-2 hours. After this time, clean with brush and flush. The chlorine contained in these funds, copes well with limescale.
To prevent the appearance of lime scale, regularly clean the toilet. Use the special tools. In stores household chemicals provided a wide range of these drugs. Apply to foam or abrasive sponge dipped in water and brush the walls of the toilet. Leave for a few minutes and clean again. Then rinse with water.