You will need
  • - cleaning fluid for pipes;
  • - fan
  • - plumbing gaskets;
  • - putty;
  • - a plunger or a plumbing snake;
  • - a heated towel rail or heater;
  • - antibacterial agent;
  • - preformed toilet cleaner;
  • construction Hairdryer.
If the smell comes from the drains from sinks, baths or toilets, the problem is likely in the usual way. Get any cleaner pipe. Fill it according to the recipe number on the label. Leave overnight to enhance the effect. In the morning a few times flush. The clog must be removed.
If the smell comes from ventilation, invite the experts to check the hood. Perhaps it is clogged. If the check revealed no failures in the hood, install a small fan in there. He will be forced to direct the flow of air from the apartment. The unpleasant smell will disappear.
Change the gaskets in the faucets. You need to tighten the nut. Completely repair all leaks around the valves. Unpleasant odor may occur due to problems with the mixer. If the sink has no siphon, the smell can go from there. Place the siphon or replace the sink.
Check whether the water from the bathroom on the floor. Perhaps the joint between wall and bath is not strong enough. Then the water is poured under the floor and rot there. Using the putty seal all cracks and crevices through which can pass water.
Using a plunger or plumbing wire will clean the knee of the toilet. Fluid for removing blockages do not always cope with food waste.
Sometimes bad smell in the toilet appears due to humidity. Automatic hang a towel rack. Or put in the bathroom heater. This is the simplest methods of dealing with humidity. Wash the room with an antibacterial agent - this will prevent mildew.
Open the toilet tank. Check it for dirt. Put preformed cleaner for toilets. Strengthen the piston supplying water. She must constantly flow into the toilet.
Check all pipes for any leaks. If it is, adjust or repair the pipe. Check them for obstructions.
Ventilate the room. Leave the door open as often as possible. This is partly to help get rid of dampness in the bathroom. Dry room construction Hairdryer.