Today produces a large number of special funds, including some that are quite expensive, designed for the removal of plaque. Need to know what they are based on acid is the worst enemy of lime. Most interesting is that the acid can be found in almost any kitchen.
Open your fridge and inspect its contents. A slice of not very fresh lemon is suitable for cleaning glass or crystal glassware, but for pipes and faucets, covered with thick limescale, this would not be enough. Here you can use regular vinegar. Dilute it with water in the ratio 1:1 and can start processing the surfaces of pipes.
If you are dealing with stainless steel, then you first treat a small area because some of its varieties by the reaction with acid is covered with dark spots, which then cannot be removed. When significant contamination of the surfaces of the tubes can use vinegar, which is a 25% solution of acetic acid. Try to avoid inhaling the fumes and getting essences on the skin surface.
Here, for example, can be cleaned from plaque shower. Put it together with hose in a waterproof package, fill the latter with water followed by the addition of acetic acid. Then the contents of the package, place in a bowl or bucket. After about half an hour limescale starts to flake off. The remaining large fragments can be removed using a wood spatula.