If you are tired of frequent fights or feasts that suit at night, your neighbors shouldn't knock them on the battery or just loud music. It is unlikely that such measures will have the desired effect. Act in accordance with the law. You should know that after eleven in the evening or before eight in the morning prohibited to carry out any repairs or to arrange celebrations. So call the duty officer. Try to fix the challenge. Repeated calls to a call center or as a result of repeated Protocol may be followed by administrative liability in relation to neighbours.

If your neighbors disturb you to sleep, try with them to find common ground to talk over. No need to swear or even more so, to sort things out by force. In this case, you will be able to move from the category affected category of offender. Be patient and calmly explain to rowdy that you would like to pursue in the silence of the night and a good rest. It is better to call on conversation of the neighbours on the same day, the night, the next morning, when they will be able to adequately respond to your claim.

If your arguments seem unconvincing noisy neighbors and they will continue to break the silence at night, join other neighbors are also concerned about loud music. Write a collective complaint and give it to your district inspector. It needs to hold a conversation with the offenders, to let them know the possible consequences if such behavior persists.

In the case if this measure will be effective, the district can attract noisy neighbors to administrative liability, and to recover from them fine. And later even arrested for several days.

Try also to influence on violators through his employer. You can tell the neighbors that will have to send a letter of claim at the place of work brawlers. In some cases this can have the desired effect.

In the end, agree with other tenants and prepare the poster, "Lightning", where we will inform you about the incorrect attitude of some residents of your home. Perhaps they will be ashamed, and noisy neighbours will be quiet at night.