To start, try to talk to the violators. Come to them and explain that their violent activity is stopping you. And ask them to make the music quieter or wait until morning rotary hammer or hammer. Adequate people will understand, apologize and give you relax.

If a peaceful way to resolve the problem failed, threaten to call the police. It usually works. Few people want a showdown with law enforcement. Not helped? Then dial "102" or call the precinct in your area. Meanwhile, write the statements that the residents of the apartment violate the peace and quiet. Even better, if the application is collective. Certainly not only hinder you to sleep, but the rest of the neighbors. Violators, the police will have to make a point and issue a fine. And for the systematic complaints can even be held in detention for 15 days.

Neighbors and after that continue to vandalize? Then file a claim in court. Demand from noisy neighbors compensation for moral damage. However, for this you will have to enlist the support of other residents of the house who will be able to confirm that your responders actually make noise at the wrong time of day. You will also need the act of exceeding the permissible noise level and conclude that the violent activities of neighbors you have caused moral or material damage, for example, a doctor's note, that from nervous tension you have been suffering from migraines or repairs in the apartment above you sprinkle plaster.

Even if the court does not scare hyperactive neighbors, we can only conceive in his apartment overhaul and make noise. Today using a variety of materials can be done to soundproof the walls, floor and ceiling. However, this will decrease slightly the size of rooms, but about the troubled neighbors you will forget forever.