The letter can be in any form, but in accordance with the format of business letters concerning, primarily, the content and style of presentation. Therefore, to begin to formulate more precisely and concisely, avoiding emotional comments on the issue. If it's a few questions, then take for each individual item. Ozvuchte your wording to anyone who is willing to sign the petition. After confirming the correctness of the General ideas shape the letters. To start, prepare a sheet of office paper A4 format.
Write in the upper right corner of the requisites of the addressee of your letter (complaint, appeal etc.). Specify the position of the responsible person (President, the housing Department head, Director, etc.), name of the company, his name and initials. The title of the document in this case is not written, and the main text of the message starts with a direct appeal to the addressee "Dear ..." Now write on the issue. Describe the circumstances that led you to choose such form of communication with the above person. List all the points agreed with the other signatories to the questions. Offer a solution to these problems.
In conclusion, let the time frame in which you would like to get an answer on your appeal and will notify the communication options with the organizing Committee (telephone, mail, Internet, media etc). Here, specify the sender (the plant number, the total collection units, etc.). Write the total number of signatures collected under the letterM. Next, list the surnames and initials of all signatories in a separate line, so that there's enough space for painting and placement of additional information (positions, titles, etc.). If such a list does not fit on the sheet with the case, arrange it on separate sheets in the same format and be sure to give a link to it in the letter, marking it under "Application".