Unwillingness to live: the causes and consequences of

Try to objectively analyze the situation. Why do you think that the best solution for you would be the termination of your earthly existence? You are haunted by bad luck or you are faced with a very serious problem and don't know what to do next? You think everyone is against you? That life itself is unfair and cruel to you?

In a difficult life situation are thinking about suicide many people. Unfortunately, not all of them cope with the temptation to end here and now. But if I can solve her problems by killing yourself? If we assume that the soul exists, as indicated by many studies and facts, it is unlikely that the suicide seeks calm after the death of his physical body.

Suicide will remain like a dirty fingerprint, a black mark on your soul. In this case, you are unlikely to change anything after the physical death of your body. On the contrary, will lose all opportunities to rectify the situation. If we turn to the Bible, suicide is considered as one of the worst deadly sins.

Long stay in a state of depression is not the best way impact on physical health, weakening the immune system, so it is necessary to fight.

What to do with the unwillingness to live?

Look around – perhaps you are too focused on yourself and your grief and do not perceive the situation objectively. What was the impetus for the emergence of your unwillingness to live? Are you serious your problem, so for them to part with life – a priceless gift bestowed to you from above?

Start to act in order to solve your problems. Millions of people on the planet are confronted daily with a variety of diverse problems. Now imagine what would happen if every man, instead of looking for a way out of an unpleasant situation and go to goal, and idle'd sought to end his life?

Believe that you have the power to solve your problems. People tend to underestimate themselves, often exaggerate their own problems, cultivating laziness, insecurity and a variety of fears.

Whatever happens, proudly straighten your shoulders, feel your inner power, the ability to solve any problem. Remember that life cannot be composed only of white bands, all the people are facing various problems. Think about someone who is much heavier than you – if they do not surrender, why should you give up? In the end, make at least one attempt to change something!

Learn to enjoy every detail, looking for any excuse to direct your thoughts in a positive direction. Find new interesting things and Hobbies longer communicate with optimistic people, remember that you have to fight for their own happiness, don't give up at the first difficulty.

If depression has a hold on you again and again and you can do nothing to oppose it, contact your therapist or your doctor. In some situations, medication is required with this condition.