First of all, you must understand why you are so boring. Maybe there is a lack of permanent interesting activities or circle of friends? Do not think that to entertain you, only others, because you are quite able to do it. Don't believe? In vain. Just start to experiment and once you see how the world around you to change. Go to the store and come out with things that had never been worn. If you prefer a strict classical style of the office and straight lines, allow yourself the unusual cut skirt or blouse with a careless bow. The choice, of course, you need to do in favor of what suits you, but you never before did not try to measure a garment, why not try?

Sign up for any classes. Because you are attracted to some art or science. If you can't live without the theatre, try to go to acting classes, and for fans of foreign languages, the ideal option would be to study Dutch, or Chinese. You, of course, it seems that all this is stupid and completely pointless. But non-trivial and interesting. In any case, much better than to sit and waste away in the four walls feeling sorry for myself and sighing that bored. Don't like foreign languages – go to a master class in cooking sushi or exotic cakes. Has no value that you will deal with that first and last time in my life; your job is to have fun.

Quit with the hateful work. People happy what is involved on a daily basis, simply can not miss. If you are overcome with sadness – you need to change your occupation. Yes, you got used to the place and everything seems to be happy, but you never know, suddenly, a new job will become more interesting, and the salary will be higher.

In General, experiment. Bored in this life can only be someone who has tried absolutely everything, but, believe me, is impossible by definition. This world is bright and beautiful, and you only need to look around and notice the millions of different possibilities latent in him. Open your eyes - this life not to be bored; it is given for joy and constant development.