Do not own to inspect the animal to determine pregnancy. Any wrong touch of the stomach (squeezing, pressure) can lead to miscarriage or serious complications in newborn kittens. It is best to trust the cat to the vet. Only a trained specialist will be able not to harm the animal and to supply error-free diagnosis. But keep in mind that to determine pregnancy by touch in the first three weeks will be impossible. The only thing that can help in diagnosis - ultrasonography.
In the third-fourth week of pregnancy the cat may become lethargic, less active. She will sleep more and maybe not to look weak and sick. At the same time, the pet may vomit, or he would lack appetite. If the cat refuses to eat more than two or three days, you should contact your veterinarian.
If you've noticed a distinct change in the character of his favorite, it might indicate that she was pregnant. Calm animal may become more aggressive and start to scratch at any touch. This can be observed only in the first half of pregnancy. But then the cat can be incredibly affectionate and very kind. It will require more attention and need care.
After the third week of pregnancy the teats of the animal are bright pink in color and grow in size. You will notice a definite increase and the chest. Also from the nipples may stand out a milky liquid.
By about the sixth week of pregnancy, the position of the pet becomes obvious, as evidenced by obvious changes in the appearance of a cat. Her back bent and the abdomen increases in size. If multiple pregnancy, the stomach begins to SAG considerably.
Pet will be sure to arrange a place to give birth. This happens closer to the end of pregnancy. The animal chooses a nook in the apartment and pulls back the rags, towels, etc., to establish yourself and future kids cozy nest. In this case, it is best to help the cat in the organization: organize soft bedding cardboard box and place it in a quiet place in the house.
During the third and sixth week of pregnancy the cat may be in heat. At this time it is important not to allow the cats to the animal, because new matured oocytes may also be fertilized. Then the uterus will be cubs of different ages. But they are born all at the same time and later dung simply will not survive.