Start to worry and look for signs of pregnancy in cats as soon as I notice that the missing heat. If the animal has ceased to bother you with heart-rending cries, need it to look.
Как ты понять, что кошка беременна
Note the nipples of your cat. Even in early pregnancy are noticeably swell and become more red.
узнать, что собака беременна
Watch cat food. If the cat is pregnant, she starts eating three or four times more than before.
как узнать что кошка забеременела
If you suspect that your cat is pregnant, regularly produmyvayte her belly. Significantly increase it five weeks after pregnancy.
To know that a cat is pregnant can be and her behavior. It will become much more affectionate and will constantly anxious to seek out suitable birth to kittens place.
беременность хомяков