If nothing is interesting, examine your life. Do you like your job are you happy with your status in society, are you happy with your personal life? Sometimes the mismatch of reality and expectations leads to apathy and loss of interest in life. Find out what you are missing, identify what you need to be happy. Try to change jobs or even professions, strive to climb the career ladder. Do everything to make your life better. Do not try to find the meaning of life, it is different for everyone. So think over what should be your ideal life and seek to change it.
Set goals and do everything to achieve them. The lack of interest in life in some cases is the result of a purposeless existence. If you have to something to strive for, and life will be interesting. So, promise yourself that next year you will be living in your own apartment or get a car. Also the goal may be an increase, change in appearance or character. But it is important to learn how to find the right incentives. Define for yourself why you need to achieve a particular purpose. If you understand this, to achieve results will be easier.
Learn something new, find interesting and fun. So, you can enroll in a driving school or English language courses. If you ever wanted to learn to knit, fulfill his dream. A hobby will help you to get rid of apathy and boredom. In addition, you will have the opportunity to find like-minded people close to you in spirit. While some classes allow you to earn additional income. So consider carefully that you are interested in. Choosing something to do, start it. Develop, learn new skills and techniques.
If nothing interesting, try to change something in your life. The best option is to move to another city or even another country. A change of scenery will allow you to experience new emotions and sensations. This shake-up will save you from apathy. If the move is for some reason impossible, start small. Change your social circle, find new friends and acquaintances. Exciting live chat will help you learn a lot and gain new knowledge. In addition, you can radically change your appearance. In a new body and try to start a new and interesting life.