Relax. Maybe your moral fatigue correlated with physical exhaustion. Give a break to your body. Take a vacation at work for example. More sleep, rest and walk. Probably the last time you set ourselves too difficult a task, too ambitious goal. Take care of your health and be more indulgent to his own person.
A change of scenery. If nothing around you is not happy, go on a journey. Other city and country can become a real discovery for you. You will not only restore the psychological balance, but again feel the joy of life. Perhaps you are so like another place that you seriously think about moving. In this case, such a change will do you good.
Revise your goals. Maybe you feel tired because of not getting returns, satisfaction from their efforts. Audits among their life goals and determine which ones are relevant and which are outdated. Do not waste your resources on the goal, which you achieve by inertia, not by sincere desire.
If you are unable to understand in which direction to move to improve their condition, wait. Maybe the situation will better itself. Maybe the situation will be worse, but it'll be clear what you have to change to stop feeling infinite fatigue.
Look to your surroundings. Maybe around you there are people who you do not appreciate or understand. If you constantly give everything for these individuals and not get any response, you can go into a deadlock and to feel tired from everything. Carefully choose friends and acquaintances. Don't let them suck your energy and life resources.
Drop everything. Don't do anything. If you are tired of all the white light you was not nice, stop it through the power to exercise some activity. When you want to indulge in brooding and doing nothing, let this mood. Perhaps a refresher of boredom and apathy you with new forces will return to its normal state.
It is not necessary to aggravate their condition by alcohol. Understand that this is not an option. Having gone all lengths you'll only hurt yourself. Try to adjust yourself to the fact that your situation is temporary. Gradually get used to the idea that soon you will be ready to come back to life.
Find support in your favorite music and inspiring movies. View a funny show or read an interesting book. Perhaps due to this pastime, you gonna stand up and again feel the taste of life.