In those periods when the person feels mentally tired, of great importance is how he is basically pleased with what he's doing. If it doesn't suit the profession or company in which he works, depression can be much worse. When a person is in this position, you can go two ways.

The first option - changing activity, learning new skills, finding other work. Thus fundamentally solved the problem, one is given a new start for development. However, it does not fit all. Indeed, there are cases that some lady just seems like she's tired of working in the firm or to do certain things.

When dissatisfaction with your work appears on the background of General fatigue, you can try the second solution: try to give more time to their Hobbies, to do what you like, not what you need. If the duties you will proceed in pleasure, your condition will improve greatly.

Attitude to life

Perhaps your mental strength has been exhausted due to the fact that you take everything that happens too personally. If you continue in the same mode for a long time your internal resources are not enough. Stop paying attention to pesky little things. Try to concentrate on the positive things. Surely you have in life they are present.

Think about if you take on too much responsibility for what is happening around. You don't have to answer for everything. Learn to let go and to delegate its duties. Have pity on yourself and do not work for wear. This also applies to the professional sphere of activity, and personal life. Sometimes a person tries to handle everything and so quickly fizzles.

Proper rest

Do not forget that the person needs rest. Take breaks after each hour of work. Sleep sufficient amount of time, relax at the weekend, do not give up annual leave. Find a way of relaxation, which is optimal for you. For someone this method becomes yoga, others prefer meditation, others are active in sports, the fourth choose massage and relaxing baths.

Find an outlet. Let it be your hobby, passion or communication with someone you love - friend, partner, family member or pet. To allocate time on what gives you maximum pleasure, you need not only in times of personal crisis, but regularly.