One of the most common causes of bad luck – pessimism. If the person beforehand is setting yourself up for failure, it is likely it will not work. Any small problem such an individual manages to inflate to the size of a universal catastrophe. And even if all ends well, he will find a reason for dissatisfaction.

The second cause of chronic bad luck – too lazy. Psychologists say that man is a very lazy creature. And since laziness is considered a social Vice, then some person trying to justify the fact that they still have no luck, and therefore to do something does not make sense.

The following is the cause of bad luck – lack of education and intelligence and inability to think logically. A smart person is unlikely to engage in dubious adventures, you believe the fraud and risk. Near's personality is constantly vlyapyvaetsya in trouble, but to blame prefers his bad luck.

Psychological immaturity may also be to blame for the fact that some people are constantly deceived in their expectations. Infantile personality is not able to live in the real world, build relationships and deal with feelings and emotions. It is guided by other people's rules and assessments. Often such people use and cheat.

How to reset the mask of a pathological loser and become a successful person? Learn to think flexibly, going beyond templates and patterns. Train your mind as train your body athletes. Never too late to start to play chess, learn to puzzles and solve logical tasks.

Defeat self-doubt. To be like everyone is a potential loser. Successful and lucky people are not afraid to stand out from the crowd and Express your opinion.

Develop your intuition. Listen to your inner voice and write down emerging thoughts and images in a notebook. Over time you will notice that your expectations are increasingly met. The next step - the ability to accurately assess the situation and make a decision.

Tune in to positive thinking and feel like you're terribly lucky. Live with pleasure. And luck will not pass you by!