What is face painting

Face painting is a special fat-free paints, which are water-based. They can be in the form of dry powder or usual paints in jars.

Face painting is absolutely harmless, so can be used on baby skin. After patterning do not need to wait when it dries. Everything happens very quickly. Face painting washes off with plain soap and warm water.

To buy paint in stores for creativity, children's shopping centers and theater kiosks. You can also make them yourself. Mix 1 teaspoon of hypoallergenic baby cream with 3 tablespoons cornstarch and 1 teaspoon water. In the received weight add food coloring. To get black color, ignite a match or wooden tube, collect some ashes and grind it into a powder.

From tools you'll need sponge or sponge as well as art brushes of different thickness.

How to apply face painting

For a start, test the skin for signs of Allergy. To do this, apply a small amount of paint in the elbow bend and wait for half an hour. If Allergy has not arisen, you can begin drawing. Paint in powder form must be diluted with water. Ready to use immediately.

Apply the tone to your entire face. To do this, dampen the sponge or a regular sponge in water, wring out the excess, dial the desired shade and in circular motions cover the skin with paint. The tone should be smooth and even, it is the basis of the drawing. Don't forget to paint the eyelids and eyebrows, to do this, ask your model to close his eyes.

The process of creating face painting similar with watercolor painting. The first thing to draw the eye. This should be done with a soft wide brush. Then draw the eyebrows. Then face painting is applied from top to bottom: forehead, cheeks, chin. For thick lines, use a wide flat brush. Set the base of the brush to the skin and pressing down on it, keep the line. Draw thin strokes with the tip of a small brush. Don't collect too much paint, it should not drain. Try to keep the arm at a right angle.

You can do face painting in the form of an animal (tiger, bear, Panda, dog or cat), insects (butterflies, bees), superhero (Batman, Spiderman, Superman), fantastic character or openwork patterns and colors. It all depends on your imagination. Also as an additional decoration you can use sequins, rhinestones, mother of pearl powder.