You will need
  • is a special paint for painting on the skin;
  • - decorative rhinestones;
  • - special glue for the face;
  • - the brush.
Gather your hair on the model so they do not interfere with the creation of the drawing.
Apply advanced line, which will allow to delineate the lower and upper wings of a butterfly. To do this, use black color. The upper wings should capture the area of the eyebrows and eyes, lower cheekbones. Don't make construction lines in bold after you print a brush clearer boundaries.
Start to paint the upper wings of a butterfly. Start with a deep red color, apply it on the upper eyelids. As you move to the eyebrow, add the color orange, finish the edges of the wings yellow. Try to transition to a lighter color was smooth. If you wish, you can use any other shades.
Paint lower wings. Start with a light shade of green, to the middle of the wing make the color more intense, and the edges paint in bright blue.
Create a clear outline of the wings. Neat strokes enclose each wing, make the line thicker at the edges. Thin brush draw border inside each wing. You can also create a "droplet" at the end of the lower wing, the interior color blue.
Draw the body of the butterfly on the nose. Don't make it too bulky, only three or four dots or ovals. Use for the body black. Between the wings, draw three short curl.
Thin lines draw the antennae of a butterfly. They can be symmetrical or different in length. Finish each tendril curl.
Apply a special gel with sparkles on the surface of the wings. You can cover part, or to allocate a separate region.
Glue with a special glue rhinestones on the butterfly body and wings. You can arrange the decorative items in the middle of the wing, or put them closer to the edges.