You will need
  • Face painting, soft brushes, water, sponge, napkins, cosmetic pencils, glitter, lipstick, powder, cotton swabs.
Purchase a face painting in the dedicated theater store - they sell products tested on allergic reactions. But, in any case, before creating a mask, apply a bit of makeup on the skin and observe the reaction, if there is itching and irritation, immediately wash off the makeup. If allergic reactions occurred, under makeup, apply protective cream.
Practice drawing cat faces on paper - choose your favourite makeup at the pictures and try to draw it in the album until you get confident and clear picture. To begin to make up better with the upper part of the face, in this case, you have less chance to lubricate already done.
The shape of the eyebrows change the facial expression, so to portray their plan, try your eyebrows carefully toned. To do this, moisten a piece of soap water and slide them on the eyebrows, tightly clutching the hairs to the skin. Allow the soap to dry. Disguise eyebrows are thick creams or makeup. Powder compact powder on top, pressing it into the cream.All face to apply Foundation. Apply on face liquid white paint. Mark the outlines of the faces of the cats soft stage make-up pencil.
On the eyelids, apply the shadow shade of your choice. A soft pencil or a thin brush draw the shape of the eyebrows, which conceived. Black paint and draw whiskers, cat nose and give shape to the slanted eyes of a cat.Thin brush and swipe a few strokes of black, brown, red paint is the coat of the animal. The colorless powder on a powder puff protect the makeup from spreading, the excess swipe a wide brush. Make pink cat's mouth by using lipsticks with glitter and cotton swabs.
Gather your hair elastic at the top and necesite them, and ears attach with Bobby pins or with a headband. Cat ears can be formed from comb hair, sprinkle them with toning lacquer.If you decided to decorate the sequined makeup, then put on the chosen site of vaseline and stick the sequin. Do not apply glitter close to eyes. The same way you painted the face under the cat, you can paint it based on another image.