How do people become infected with chlamydia

Infection with chlamydia through everyday unlikely, as the bacteria outside the human body die very quickly. And even if the house is home sick with chlamydia, to contract it through a towel, toilet seat, shared bathroom, bath or the dishes is almost impossible. In addition, to get into the cells of the human organism, the chlamydia, you need at least 3 days. The incubation period, i.e. the time before the appearance of the first symptom of the disease is 2-3 weeks.

Most likely to get infected with chlamydia during unprotected intercourse, and the failure to observe the necessary rules of hygiene after it increases the risk. The fact that getting on the mucous membranes of the genitals or rectum, chlamydia are in a state of similar half-asleep and only a few hours start to penetrate the cells of the tissues of the body. Infection during oral sex, and household contacts is also unlikely.

Symptoms of infection by chlamydia

Men and women, when infected with chlamydia a few weeks, a light pain when urinating and a sparse, clear discharge from the urethra. In addition, women have minor bleeding between periods and pain in the lower abdomen. If chlamydia is caught in the anus, that develops gonococcal proctitis, which is characterized by itching and pain in the anus, discharge of mucus.

In rare cases, infection with chlamydia household by might diseases of the respiratory tract, eyes, or krovetvornyh bodies, reduced elasticity of blood vessels, develops their dystonia.

In most cases the disease proceeds without symptoms, which greatly complicates the identification of the causes of sickness of the person and leads to serious health problems.

What a terrible chlamydia to humans

For men, infection with chlamydia can result in chronic vesiculitis and prostatitis, since bacteria can penetrate into seminal vesicles and prostate. Next, the disease spreads to the testicles and lead to infertility men.

For women chlamydia can also lead to infertility because this disease causes the obstruction of the fallopian tubes leads to ectopic pregnancy or severe endometritis.

The representatives of both sexes chlamydia causes inflammation of the urinary system – destroyed the structure of the urethra, it narrows considerably.

In addition to the problems with the sexual organs and the urinary system, chlamydia provoke ocular conjunctivitis, affect the joints and internal organs, often the liver.

Infection with chlamydia pregnant woman threatens to stop development of the fetus, disruption of the nervous system of the child after birth. In addition, the baby may be born with pneumonia, iron deficiency in the blood or other abnormalities.

Diagnosis of chlamydia

To diagnose chlamydia is quite difficult, since its causative agent is the so-called intermediate position between viruses and bacteria.

To identify this condition through blood tests and so-called smears taken from the mucous membranes of the genitals, is quite difficult, and the probability of diagnosis is only 40%.

Accurate diagnosis is possible only with a detailed examination using antibodies marked with a special substance, that is, by the so-called immunofluorescence.