Prepare the water.Water newborn should be only filtered boiled water. Get a special water for babies – it contains all the essential trace elements and has gone through several stages of cleaning.
Do not use the bottle.If the child is breastfed, then make him drink from a bottle can be dangerous to suck on a pacifier is easier than the breast so that the baby can refuse the breast. Children iskusstvennym can offer water from a bottle with a familiar nipple.
Give your baby from the spoon.An ordinary teaspoon is the best option for giving baby. Purchase this silver spoon is an additional protection against bacteria and disinfection.
During illness give the baby a decoction of raisins.Prepare broth at the rate of one Cup of boiling water two tablespoons of raisins. Raisins pre-wash and pour over boiling water. Strain the broth and give the baby a spoon periodically throughout the day.
Give your child water in between feedings.The best would be to dopisivati baby one hour after feeding. At this time there may be a shortage of the liquid, and milk or mixture has no time to digest, so the child begins to hurt his tummy. Offer your child water, focusing on the frequency of feedings.
Do not heat the water.Let the newborn water not warmer than 30?C and below 26?C. Gradually reduce the temperature of the water for the growth of a child.
Offer your baby water from time to time.Do not pour water forcibly, in the case of overheating the baby he will drink, and you will realize how greedy are his movements.
Always dopivaya child if he gets hot.In the summer, in a stuffy and dry room, if the baby is sweating heavily, he reduced the number of urination. Give your baby small portions at a high temperature, a liquid chair, vomiting.