You will need
  • - the insurance policy;
  • - driver's license.
To enter the driver in the policy CTP, you need to come to the office of the insurance company that issued your insurance. Be present when you change data policy needs in person, please bring with you the insurance policy and driving license of the person, which you enter into the document.
Write a statement asking to enter a new driver into the insurance and issue you a new policy. The old policy CTP , you must pass.
Don't settle for something that a new driver will enter in a blank line of your old policy or on its reverse side. By law, this procedure is prohibited. The insurer is obliged to issue you a new policy with any changes. Frequently, the insurance company representatives or agents are neglected by this rule, so you can arrange a policy of insurance directly to the office of the insurance company. Do not use the services of agents.
If the new driver's driving experience less than 3 years or aged under 22 years, you will have to pay the sum insured. The surcharge will be calculated in proportion to the number of days remaining until the end of the term of the policy.
Do not write new data independently of the driver in the insurance policy, in the event of an accident the traffic police will impose a fine for forgery.