Burnt alum is a derived product modified from the conventional potassium-aluminum alum. Heated 160оС and evaporated to half the original volume of raw materials. The remaining alum pulverized into powder by getting the crystal of the absorbent product, odorless.
Burnt alum has antibacterial, drying, cauterizing, enveloping and hemostatic properties. In addition, the product eliminates itching, which is important when the time came.
How to work burnt alum with stomatitis? Their effectiveness is due to the ability to form on the surface of the ulcers by weight colloidal films, which "freeze" the nerve endings. Consequently subside the pain, away itching and burning. Alum can be applied directly to oozing areas, as they stop the bleeding, possesses drying and pulling the edges of wounds.
At the initial stages of treatment of stomatitis burnt alum is good because they cropped sores, not letting the disease develop. Therefore it is recommended to apply alum locally on the sores, not to spread the infection throughout the oral cavity. To the same point applying alum on aphthae contributes to their rapid healing and quickly reduce pain.
For a comprehensive treatment can be combined local lotions and rinses. But first you need to treat all the wounds, and then, when the foci of infection disinfected, rinse the entire oral cavity.
To spot treat ulcers necessary dry alum. They are used like ordinary powder. Only need to take a clean finger tip a little powder and apply it on aphthae.
To prepare the solution you need to take 200 ml of boiled water at room temperature and 4-5 g of burnt alum. Stir until complete dissolution of crystals. Then try the solution on the taste – it should remind acidified with lemon water, and at the same time to be very tart, astringent. Store no more than two days in a cool dark place, but not in the refrigerator.
Use burnt alum with stomatitis as a gargle every two or three hours. The pre-process of the sores locally. The solution before use to stir.
If it is difficult to reconcile the treatment of stomatitis in a young child by point processing and rinsing, can be treated his wounds with a concentrated solution. 200 ml of water to take a 5 and 10 grams of alum. The solution was applied to a cotton turundy and wipe the sky and cheeks from the inside.