Widespread use of aljumokalievyh alum in food, textile industry, medicine and cosmetology. They are used to purify water, for the tanning of leather, for impregnation of refractory tissue as a leavening agent, as the remover of sweating and to stop bleeding. This wide application of this substance is possible, as alum have antiseptic properties, anti-inflammatory effect, stops the blood and adsorb. Use them in the form of a special water-soluble powder, solid crystals or pencils.
Alum is used in medicine: they treat a dermatitis, acute inflammation of eczema, neurodermatitis. Used to eliminate pain with gingivitis, stomatitis, blepharoconjunctivitis. This drug is not to remove the cause of the disease, but with the use of alum comes relief, as they have on the skin surface astringent and drying effect. Traditional medicine offers many recipes using alum. As alum have a detrimental effect on various bacteria, they are used in cosmetics.
Alum is used in cosmetics to eliminate the problem of oily, porous, prone to skin rashes. They treat seborrhea and hyperhidrosis. Often the crystals of alum are used for the manufacture of natural salt deodorants, use them yourself as a deodorant. Crystals of alum soaked in water, then they are processed underarm. This deodorant is in most cases effective and very sparingly used: a single crystal weighing approximately 50-70 g is enough for a year of daily use. Its advantage is that it does not cause allergies and can be used in the treatment of diaper rash in infants, they can use breastfeeding and allergies.
By heating aljumokalievyh alum burnt alum are obtained. Since they are used in the coloring of natural wool and cotton yarn and fabrics as a mordant. The fabric, treated with iron alum, alizarin stain in violet color. Green stems and leaves, fresh or treated with alum, gives a persistent yellow paint. It is fit for dyeing wool and cotton. For emulsion on a gelatin basis too use the alum. They are used for pharyngitis, tonsillitis and sore throat for inhalation. The use of alum inside sometimes causes poisoning, so you should use them like any other drug, in moderation and with caution.