You will need
  • The book, computer with Internet connection.
First, we should point out how the bride and groom are dear to you. If you, for example, a guest from the groom, you should not contact him on the day of the wedding and the groom and the bride are one. Tell me what you are happy with this Union, because we can definitely see that the couple – two halves of one whole.
Wish young is not just happiness, love and health. Typically, this will mention each guest, and if your greeting is based on the desire, you risk simply not to be remembered young. Use comparisons. For example, wish of happiness, which is described in fairy tales, true love, such as granite, health, as all the guests together.
To go beyond the standard greeting, unable to remember a fun story that is your relationship with the newlyweds. Please do not delay: brevity – the sister of talent. If you are a creative person and writing a poem - not a problem for you, try to present the story in verse. It will be definitely remembered young!
Remember fragments from the movies, when before the altar, the couple swear to each other loyalty, understanding, promise to be together in sorrow and in joy, and die in one day. Wish the bride and groom the same!
Indicate that the wedding day is a new stage of life young. Not only wish them a long married life, but also create new traditions for yourself. Do not forget about kids: definitely wish the boy and the girl.
Wish the bride and groom's passions. As you know, it tends eventually to fade. Let their life be full of mutual attraction always. This is the key to a strong and emotional, in a pleasant sense.
Money is an important component in everyday life, and common existence in principle. Wish of wealth and prosperity. With nice, of course, heaven in a tent, but if the tent is wealth, and many of the problems that can occur on this soil will be avoided. Wish the young to spend money wisely: let the money be spent on obtaining joint experiences, which can be obtained, for example, in travel.
Note the joy and happiness in the eyes of the young. Since with such emotions, they enter into a life together, albeit until the end of his days and live. Even better, if you wish to have each of the guests on all life remained the same warmth. Make it pleasant to all present!