How to fill the solemn words happy

Prepare for the beginning of the intended speech. Even if you believe in your rhetoric and do not suffer from the fear to engage the public, make a few notes will not be superfluous. You will feel annoyed when you forget to say something important to the bride and groom - sometimes words just don't come to mind at the right moment, which can spoil all impression. Try to take his speech seriously, because the witness is not permissible to prevent inappropriate failures and stumbles in pronouncing a wedding toast that sets the proper mood for the rest.

Composing the text, pay attention to ready holiday options for the beautiful words that you can find on the web and in the specialized literature. It is also appropriate to choose appropriate treatment in poetic form; welcome, if you can come up with your own poems, though only a few lines.

Give the toast personification, linking it with the bride and groom. Whose friend would you not appear, refer to each of the newlyweds, expressing pleasant for them wishes. Avoid cliches and platitudes, not concerning the newlyweds can leave a bad taste in their soul and hint at the fact that you are carefully prepared for their celebration. However, you should not go into stories from the lives of latter-day spouses - not all of them appropriate for the holiday. Do not make your toast mention of past relations members of the newly created family.

Do not make a celebratory toast lengthy, stilted and overly formal, but do not get carried away freestyle form of expression of thoughts. Dilute with humor the words with the full confidence that such a course will appreciate the heroes of the festival. Not necessary to memorize invented it, but in General remember it is. Any suggestions are good when they are sincere and come from the soul, bringing positive energy, can make your friends smile.

How to tune into the wedding atmosphere

Rules of etiquette dictate the need to stand up before you speak. Raise your glass, encouraging the audience to follow your example and SIP your drink within a couple entered into marriage. Don't be afraid to take the initiative, but don't overdo it in seeking to draw attention to the toast.

If the big day you overcome untimely shyness, exactions for the sake of her friends. As a witness, you must set the tone for all guests, speak clearly, loud enough and articulate. Keep calm, look friendly and immediacy. Even when the eyes of the guests astray with thoughts, try to gather, as you have to take yourself in hand before public statement in his official duties or in the examination session. You're not just invited, and the chief assistant to the bride and groom who can't change his mind to take responsibility and turn away from them in such an important moment.