Remember the childhood dream of your friend and based on it build the statement. For example: "Dreamed of finding buried treasure? – So here he is – a young wife. Dreamed to travel around the world? – Take the first money for a ticket. Wanted to become a good specialist? In selecting girls, it is not."
A traditional moment at weddings is the stealing of the bride. With the help of imagination and fantasy correct tradition. For example, only buy a Shoe and ask the groom to buy it. Better yet, hide the shoes of her future husband. And let the bridesmaids take the rap.
You can make a fun game, the presentation of the gift. This will give the amount of change for smaller bills. And in turn each of the friends as a word of wishes and puts it on the bill tray. And so the circle. The point is that wishes can be the sea, and the couple will watch with interest to what is already the third round of congratulations, and the money does not end there.
If you want to remove the video greeting, you should not put back your photos. Just think of the original song and show in the video where you loved relaxing together and having fun. And maybe left an interesting video from fishing, captures the moment when you slathered each other with toothpaste, or there is a record of the anniversary of his grandfather, where is your friend as a small boy read verses from the stool? Hilarious captions and comments (the famous phrase from the movies) are welcome.
If you've been friends for a long time, break the presentation into stages. For example, first let the bridegroom come out to congratulate the children-urchins, sing or read poems about how great he was in childhood. Then - schoolgirl with a song, they are dreaming about it during the recess, followed by a chorus of football players (all athletes, despite what the sport likes the groom), let tell you what was strong before he had a stroke. The climax may become a grandmother sitting at the entrance, with a humorous recognition that if they were younger, she would have fought off the groom. Of course, all of this is in the comic verses and the acting with maximum efficiency. For the most desperate friends suitable option of thought provoking rhymes, because they seem easier and smiles cause more.