If you decide to simply give money in an envelope, learn in advance toast – good spiritual words about how long have you known the couple, how much good you've brought the bride and groom. But don't get carried away with the memories and don't delay his speech. Long boring monologues will bore the guests and the newlyweds.
Remove the roller on the theme of "What would have happened if they hadn't met." And even if the couple will know in advance the idea and to participate in the filming, to see what happened in the end, it will be very interesting. And your show could be one of the memorable moments of the holiday. And in the end you can sum up smoothly to the gift – money – and say that you are happy to meet and give money for a sweet honeymoon. Give comic the cuffs so they never parted, or a horseshoe for luck, a fun brownie – the Keeper of the family hearth. At least, the first time these objects will occupy the most honorable place in the house.
Many people, when handed the money, suggest that they can buy, and give appropriate hints: the symbolic drive – young bought a car, or a straw hat the bride – to rest only in the Bahamas. Diversify this time by staging a comic themed lottery, in which all can participate. For example, if you give the money for the trip, let everyone get a piece of the sea: mother-in-law soap with sea smell, and the younger sister of the bride – shell. But, of course, the main prize money is provided to young families.
If you still got young need a gift, take care of beautiful elegant packaging for it. You can think of (or find online) interesting poem, or riddle about your item, about its importance for a young family, useful, quality, interesting to stick the label with photos of the bride and groom or dress up as a postman Pechkin and hand holiday "package."