What to do in the evening, in their spare time to earn extra income? There are options, they are suitable to many.

Cafes and restaurants

Many cafes prefer to recruit employees with an hourly wage. The applicant himself may be the most convenient schedule. This is true for many young people who learn by day and in the evening prefer to earn pocket money. For the evening, of course, not a lot of money a simple waiter or a chef, but earn money for clothes and all sorts of nice things, so necessary for young people is quite real.

Some restaurants if needed, recruit additional employees in the same way. This happens in the holidays or during banquets. There is an opportunity to earn more than in a cafe. In addition, to apply for such a job not only to students, but also people more advanced age. If you perform your job well, you can get a generous tip, which is enough to buy expensive equipment or rent.


In the evening there is the opportunity to work in supermarkets, where it is always needed working hands. Moreover, the age range here is not limited. You can get on packing, cashier or merchandise – you all show and tell.


Convenient night to go to wash the floors in some smaller institution. Cleaning will not take more than 2-3 hours, and earnings will be pretty noticeable. You can work by yourself, but you using a cleaning company – they provide a large number of clients, who need to wash Windows, hang out the washing or cook dinner.


Rukodelnichat did not have to think about how to make money. Enough to create some original stuff. Whether it's a wooden souvenir, clay vase, knitted socks, a beautiful shawl – it all depends on your skills. For the evening it is really to tie a pretty scarf, and the next day have to sell it. Do traders knitted products in the market.

Browsing the Internet

If you don't want to go anywhere, if you have a computer and Internet you can work from the comfort of home. The work mainly comes down to writing texts of various kinds. But if you know how to create a site or know the language and possibilities becomes more, respectively, and the payment increases.

A lot of ideas. You need to choose in accordance with their skills and abilities. Whether it's mental or physical labor – everyone has their own preferences.