The new year is a time of corporate parties and various celebrations, so almost all restaurants and cafes are gaining in this period, temporary waiters, bartenders, dishwashers and kitchen workers. If such variant of earnings is close to you, take care of sanitary book (it is mandatory for employees of public catering).
In anticipation of the New year in malls offers many additional outlets for the sale of seasonal produce: fireworks, Christmas decorations, Christmas gifts, carnival costumes, Christmas trees and Christmas decorations. For data outlets recruited temporary staff. In addition, during the holidays you can work as a promoter. Many large companies tend to hold promotions during the Christmas rush, when people "occupy" the stores in search of gifts to relatives and friends.
If you have your own car, it is possible to earn money in the new year as a cab driver. Taxi service is very popular new year's eve and the following days, and the prices for them increase significantly.
Pet lovers can earn, looking after the Pets of those who went on a journey for the holidays. Hospitality for Pets in Russia is underdeveloped, so there are certainly those who have nowhere to attach their pet.
People with artistic abilities, you can try yourself in the role of facilitator or animator new year corporate party, children's party or other event. Very popular this time of Santa Claus and snow Maiden, who congratulated the kids at home. If you want to try yourself in this role, it is recommended to consider the program, the costume and also advertise their services through the Internet or through newspaper ads.