Before you start to use all available services of the class, you first need to register. This procedure is quite simple and will not take much time. The main thing – to come up with a good username, a strong password and specify a valid phone number. This subsequently when you lock or hacking the account will restore access to the profile.

Once you are registered with a network, you will have to re-enter your credentials in the appropriate fields. Only after that you can go to your own page and begin communication with "classmates", adding friends, engaging in a variety of groups.

To start a conversation with the selected user – this could be your friend or guest coming to your page, just move your cursor to the pictures of him and drop-down box, select "Write message". Click on this option and go to the next page. In the opened in a new window box, write your desired text. If you want to decorate it with various add-ons by selecting the text color, picking the appropriate size and font, selecting the style: italics, bold, underlined, and indicate the location on the page: left, middle, right. Preferably, before sending the message to proofread for errors and typos. Making sure that everything is in order, send it by clicking the appropriate button in the window or using the Enter key on the keyboard.

You can also add in your letter a variety of emoticons: all kinds of smiles, grimaces, pictures. It is noteworthy that in the list of additions is as free emoticons and paid, animated, more beautiful.

Go to create message and from the home page. Carefully read the top of the "working" panel and click "Reports". After that you will immediately proceed to the next page. Then in the left part of the window from the list of users with whom you were in correspondence, select the right person in the appropriate field and write your text. If necessary, complete with decorations, smiles.

To write a message in the group, select "Add". In the same way can post text on the forums, your or other users – doesn't matter. In this case the action performed is identical.